Hunan Provincial Museum (Xinxiangbo)


The Hunan Provincial Museum (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiangbo) was established in 1951 and officially opened to the public in 1956. It is the largest historical art museum in Hunan Province and the first national first-class museum and eight national key museums built in the central area. One of the AAAA-level tourist attractions in Hunan Province. On November 29th, 2017, after five years of renovation, it returned to the audience's vision with a brand-new style, and became the first place in Hunan's most popular scenic spot. His designer Arata Isozaki also won the "2019 Pritzker Architecture Award" (the award as the wind vane of the architectural industry, known as the "Nobel Prize in Architecture"). At the same time, LTECH also contributed our products to the reconstruction of the museum.

The design of Xinxiangbo takes "Dingsheng Dongting" as the creative source, starting from the imagery, momentum and cultural connotation of Ding, transforming the shape of the new museum building of Hunan Provincial Museum.

Step into the pavilion, the quiet environment and soft lighting complement each other, people can not help but immerse themselves in the world of cultural relics, linger in the charm of many treasures. The lighting design of the new pavilion was ingenious. Under the premise of obeying the conventional principles, firstly, according to the requirements of the exhibition content, art design and cultural relics protection, the entire exhibition hall was positioned and planned for light demand, and the use of LTECH 0-10V was adopted. Flow LED dimming driver, with T-PWM ultra-deep dimming technology, can achieve 0.01%-100% arbitrary brightness adjustment, and use the fine adjustment of lighting to divide the area to meet the lighting requirements of different exhibition halls, so that cultural relics can better and visit Exchange.

From left to right for the first unit to the third unit

For example, the first part of the three units of the exhibition hall is a relatively independent comprehensive display area, the lighting effect is relatively bright, creating a beautiful and sinuous feeling; the middle unit is for daily life, the illuminance is relatively dark, creating a simple and warm atmosphere. , to increase the sense of substitution; the latter of exhibition hall, the lighting effect is relatively brightest, used to mobilize the audience's emotions, let people better experience the culture of the soul .

Key cultural relics

The key cultural relics will be designed with specific lighting, such as the dish, in order to make the audience feel the tall and beautiful decoration, take the top spotlight outside the showcase, the auxiliary light on the bottom of the cabinet, and enhance the light around the bottom. It can create a relatively independent space and eliminate the messy shadow projected onto the ground. LTECH’s flicker-free dimming technology allows visitors to feel the strobe of the lights even in the environment and low lighting control of the exhibits, giving visitors a more comfortable impress.

At the same time, LTECH's unique soft and hard double mechanism protection can automatically protect the museum's precious exhibits in the event of short circuit and overload. Innovative thermal management technology and over-temperature protection enhance the safety of the museum.

LTECH 0-10V dimming driver has 0-10V, 1-10V automatic switching function, can automatically match 0-10V active, 1-10V passive dimmer to maximize the dimming range, no need to add dialing code It does not require manual identification. 100% compatible with 0-10V, 1-10V dimmers on the market can greatly reduce the cost of traditional procurement and commissioning.

Light, in the use of museums, always exists in contradictions. The more historical works of art, the higher the requirements for collections and exhibitions. How to use more professional light and perfect the display effect in the case of avoiding damage to the exhibits as much as possible is the responsibility of every lighting practitioner. This is why many well-known large museums choose the high quality products of LTECH. LTECH, like a museum night watchman, contributes an indispensable force to the museum's lighting, performing a wonderful journey of his museum in this beam of selflessness.

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