The Shanghai Museum of History


Here, it was the first Shanghai horse racing hall in the Far East in the 1920s and 1930s.

Here, it tells you about the past and present life of this beautiful city of Shanghai.

Here, it is the public cultural space of the people of Shanghai and even the people of the whole country.

Here is the Shanghai Museum of History (Shanghai Revolutionary History Museum), a geography museum that comprehensively reflects the local history of Shanghai. It is an important cultural place and city landmark in Shanghai. It is also a cultural relics protection unit and an excellent historical building in Shanghai. High historical, artistic, and scientific value.

The basic exhibition of the Shanghai Museum of History follows the principle of “taking the history of the city as the context and focusing on the revolutionary history”. With the current administrative division of Shanghai as the geographical scope, it comprehensively sorts out the historical context of Shanghai and shows the important nodes of the historical period of urban development. Major revolutionary historical events.

As we all know, the museum's requirements for lighting are very strict. There are many kinds of cultural relics in the museum, and the pieces are precious. The excellent lighting conditions can really make precious exhibits shine, but for paintings, weaving embroidery, painted pottery (stone) and other cultural relics that are not resistant to long-term illumination, all-weather direct light can easily cause the paint to fade and the exhibits to be damaged. Therefore, the lighting design and technology of the museum must give priority to the protection of exhibits, control and reduce the damage to the materials, colors and texture of the exhibits, and create a suitable light environment. Therefore, the Shanghai Museum of History chose the 0-10V series of dimmable LED driver from LTECH to create a new mode of lighting control due to “material”.

Precision control: T-PWM ultra-depth no stroboscopic dimming

The 0-10V dimmable LED drivers from LTECH adopts T-PWM ultra-deep dimming technology, which can achieve 0.01%-100% arbitrary brightness adjustment, meeting the requirements of diversification of light intensity in the museum. Even if the environment and exhibit lighting control is under low brightness, the strobe of the light is not felt, making the eyes feel more comfortable.

100% compatible adaptability: 0-10V/1-10V automatic switching

The 0-10V/1-10V automatic switching function of LTECH 0-10V dimmable LED drivers enables to automatically match 0-10V active, 1-10V passive dimmers to maximize the dimming range, no need to add a dialer and no manual identification is required. 100% compatible with 0-10V, 1-10V dimmers on the market, which can greatly reduce the cost of traditional procurement and commissioning.

Multiple safety protections

LTECH's unique software and hardware dual mechanism protection automatically protects the museum's precious exhibits in the event of a short circuit or overload. Innovative thermal management technology and over-temperature protection enhance the safety of the museum.

Many people say that the quickest way to get to know a city is to go to a local museum. It is a bridge connecting the past, present and future of a city, allowing people in the city to talk to history through cultural relics through time and space. In the future, LTECH will also be the main force of the museum with higher quality products. It will light up the history and the truth of the world, show the world the profound and profound Chinese culture, pay tribute to history, and let the audience feel deeper and more realistic. Dialogue between objects.

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